BiE -India’s Leading Clean Skincare Brand

At BiE the brand ethos is that beauty is more than skin deep. BiE as a brand are committed to redefining the concept of beauty. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to inspire and empower individuals to transform at every life stage. In a world where beauty standards and skincare trends are constantly changing, this brand strives to champion a new perspective. BiE painstakingly blend scientific formulations with potent key ingredients, drawing on 50 years of expertise and know-how from the global beauty world, bringing you guaranteed skin results in every well packed bottle. A feature by lifestyle columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International. 

With their line of expertly formulated skincare products, BiE offers more than just a simple routine. They provide you with the tools and knowledge to reinvent yourself, to discover your unique beauty potential. And clean beauty remains at the heart of what they do and how they do it. BiE as a brand believes that true beauty is a journey of constant and disciplined transformation.

At BiE, their goal is to inspire individuals to recognize and celebrate their natural beauty by introducing groundbreaking products that leverage advanced technology into their daily routines. They aim to promote anything but your run-of-the-mill skincare regimes. The brand firmly believes in the potential for genuine metamorphosis at any point in life, and their unwavering commitment lies in making expertly crafted formulations accessible to millions of individuals embarking on their journey to self-love. BiE’s motivation stems from a deep-rooted need to create products that they personally rely on and have confidence in when it comes to caring for their own skin. BiE products feel luxurious and are clean for your skin. At BiE, they envision a world in which every person realizes their best version and embraces the beauty that lies within them.

A celebration of ‘beauty in everything’. An understanding of modern metamorphosis.

The idea of beauty is changing in this ever-evolving metaverse. And that’s why, BiE. ). They are a line of expert skincare, driven by a passion for clean beauty and disciplined routines. Blended in scientific formulations and carefully curated ingredients—BiE aims to help you reinvent yourself through various life stages.

BiE’s products are backed by 50 years of expertise and know-how from the global beauty world. BiE is an invitation to every woman to achieve her optimum beauty potential.For them at BiE, change is transformation and evolution. They call it modern metamorphosis – a positive change. It applies to life and it applies to beauty.

BiE is a “Portal of Metamorphosis” – a journey of your personal transformation that brings out the best version of yourself at every stage in your life. They power routines to deliver results – through a combination of doctor expertise, high-performance products, beauty and lifestyle coaches and content, and technology-enabled routines.

USP of BiE is that it has 50 years of legacy; High potency products and also New age ingredients.

No brand has a combination of the above set of USPs. BiE products deliver results in a bottle. They do not compromise on ingredients or quality. Founders  Queenie & Dinyar both have their names attached to the word “beauty,” and they both want to deliver a product that even they could use. As Queenie once said, “I have made BiE so that even I can use products which I know are clean and will not harm my skin in any manner. What’s the point of launching a beauty line if I am not going to use any of my products?”

About – Queenie Singh – Founder and CEO

Queenie Singh is a prominent personality who exemplifies the power of metamorphosis. With a diverse background as a former Miss India, model, makeover columnist, and holistic wellness practitioner, Queenie has always been associated with holistic beauty. She is a living testament to the transformative nature of personal growth and embracing one’s true potential.

At the core of Queenie’s journey lies an unwavering passion for clean beauty and daily routines. She starts her mornings with a calming session of yoga followed by a comprehensive AM skincare routine. Throughout the day, she nourishes her mind and body with wholesome food and a healthy dose of vitamins. She firmly believes that achieving realistic beauty goals requires a combination of knowledge, discipline, and a willingness to make positive changes in our lives. Having experimented with beauty and skincare all her life, Queenie uses her wealth of experience to guide you towards your own personal transformation.

Queenie Singh

Queenie’s impact extends far beyond her own story. Throughout her career, she has empowered over 10 million women to discover their inner strength and confidence through makeovers. Her unique coaching approach enables people to feel powerful and comfortable in their own skin, unlocking their full potential.

Queenie received over 10,000 applications to her Mid Day Makeovers column every week from captivated readers wanting to undergo their own transformation. She empowered them to change their perspective and embrace their own journeys of self-improvement, creating a positive difference in each of their lives.

BiE’s mission is to empower individuals to embrace their inherent beauty through revolutionary products, tech-enabled development, and signature skincare routines. She believes that true transformation is possible at every stage of life, and BiE is dedicated to scaling our expert formulations to reach millions of people on their self-love journeys. She is driven by a desire to formulate products that she can trust on her own skin. Her collective vision is to become India’s leading clean skincare brand, revolutionizing the way people experience skincare. She is committed to developing the most potent products that feel luxurious and are clean for your skin. At BiE, she envisions a world in which every person realizes their best version and embraces the beauty that lies within them.

About their Founder – Dinyar Workingboxwalla

Dinyar Workingboxwalla – Skin Guru

With an illustrious career spanning five decades, Dinyar Workingboxwalla stands tall as a revered figure in the world of skincare and dermatology. Dinyar’s expertise and transformative touch have garnered the trust and admiration of over 50,000 clients worldwide.

Dinyar has never been one for the limelight, but guided by his instincts, he took the opportunity to create BiE when it came knocking at his door. He always knew he wanted to offer people result-oriented products that were also clean and safe for the skin. His unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable and lifelong results has made him the go-to advisor for three generations of Bollywood stars, public figures, and individuals seeking radiant, healthy skin. He was committed to delivering RESULTS in a bottle and not HOPE in a bottle. And we, at BiE, knew his legacy had to be passed on.

Queenie Singh & Dr. Dinyar

Dinyar Workingboxwalla is our esteemed skin guru who experienced the pain and anguish of bullying due to acne vulgaris. During his formative years, most skin specialists recommended the use of dish soaps and astringents as a solution to his acne, but nothing he tried helped.

He knew something was amiss and would have to take matters into his own hands. Having undergone relentless torment, he made it his life’s mission to create an efficacious skincare line that would empower and uplift others facing similar challenges.

With profound empathy, he understood the deep physical and emotional toll that acne and other similar skin conditions can take. Over the past 50 years, Dinyar has meticulously formulated a range of cutting-edge products designed to restore your self-confidence and redefine the way you take care of your skin.

The skincare market in India was overflowing with products, but he wanted to create something quite different from the usual. He was committed to developing more potent, clean, and non-toxic skincare formulations when Queenie walked into his life with an impeccable idea to scale his kitchen counter recipes to reach millions. His diverse knowledge allowed him to craft holistic solutions that address not only the surface of the skin but also its underlying health and vitality. He ensured that each product embodies his core value of promoting overall well-being. This is how he birthed BiE – Beauty in Everything.

With prolonged and focused persuasion, they arrived at the right balance of clean beauty products that are safe for the environment and your skin. What do they mean by ‘clean beauty’? Sustainability, reusability, usage of glass containers, and a cruelty-free philosophy. Most importantly – GUARANTEED RESULTS IN A BOTTLE.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dinyar has nurtured long-standing relationships with Bollywood stars starting from the legendary icons of the 1960s such as Asha Sachdev and Mumtaz, to modern-day luminaries like Lara Dutta and Jacqueline Fernandez. His expertise has been sought after by the who’s who of the industry and the general public alike, all benefiting from his transformative facials, personalized guidance, and the remarkable efficacy of his homegrown skincare line.

Beyond his expertise as a skin guru, Dinyar is also an accomplished aromatherapist and naturopath, and his contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed. In 2018, he was honored with the coveted title of ‘Best Skin Expert’ by Vogue, further solidifying his status. Dr.Dinyar, “A product is only a product until it starts to make a difference in your life.”


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