Float By Duty-Free: A Decadent Culinary Destination Like No Other

A venue that delivers an overall outstanding eating out experience is Float By Duty-Free. It is a destination where every aspect has been meticulously chosen to guarantee an amazing voyage for visitors looking for delectable flavors, engaging entertainment, and an atmosphere that oozes elegance and comfort. A feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

Float takes pride in offering a wide variety of delectable dishes that appeal to all palates, from comfort food favorites to gourmet treats. Each meal is expertly prepared with premium ingredients to achieve an appealing balance of flavours, textures and quality.

Float provides a wide array of drinks to go along with the food offerings to provide a gratifying and well-rounded dining experience in Noida. Creative and talented mixologists expertly craft exquisite cocktails that properly pair with the flavors of a variety of dishes. The service at Float is impressive, with a staff of committed experts ready to walk customers through the menu, provide them with individualized advice, based on unique requirements. The staff are friendly, the welcoming hospitality is felt from the moment one gets in.

The interiors of Float blend contemporary design with tasteful furnishings, producing a warm and elegant feel. Whether you’re looking for a quiet supper or a lively social event, the carefully curated vibe caters to a variety of interests, making each visit special. For those looking for privacy, Float provides a private dining space that offers a customized atmosphere for celebrations or business meetings that is suited to each guest’s specific requisites.

The rooftop seating area at Float By Duty-Free takes it all a notch up by giving panoramic views so that diners can savor their meals while taking in the gorgeous surroundings. With renowned musicians and outstanding performers hitting the stage, live music performances contribute to the lively and compelling ambiance, adding an added dimension of vibe. On the designated dance floor, visitors may further lose themselves in the beats and create unforgettable moments as they sway to the rhythm of live music or specially created playlists.

A private eating room, a dance floor, and a rooftop terrace all come together in one place at Float to provide an unforgettable dining and entertainment experience. It makes an impression on its visitors by catering to their wide range of requirements. At Float a world of gastronomic pleasures, extraordinary flavors, and flawless service the moment you walk through the door awaits. 

Every visit to Float By Duty-Free is bound to be memorable, whether you’re savoring a delicious dinner, dancing the night away, or simply unwinding on the rooftop with spectacular views. The location to delight your senses and make priceless memories while looking for somewhere that offers more than just regular meals and entertainment is Float By Duty-Free. All in all a visit to Float by Duty-free is an amazing experience. Highly Recommended!


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