‘Modi’s men treat Constitution as worthless pages’

Addressing an election rally in Thrissur, Kerala, Priyanka Gandhi said ‘PM Modi’s men’ treat the Constitution as a means or an instrument to satisfy their greed and poliical ambition.

In a no-holds-barred attack on the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday said leaders in the ruling party at the Centre were going around claiming that they would ‘change’ the Constitution which was founded and adopted through the blood and toil of the country’s freedom fighters.

She claimed that the BJP regards the country’s holy statute book, which was written in letters of blood of the countless heroes who laid down their lives for the country, as mere “pages that hold no meaning”.

Addressing an election rally in Thrissur, Kerala, Priyanka said ‘PM Modi’s men’ treat the Constitution as a means or an instrument to satisfy their greed and poliical ambition.

“In this so-called New India, the Prime Minister’s men are going around and speaking haughtily about bringing changes to our Constitution, which was written in letters of blood of our freedom fighters. They treat the Constitution, which upholds our right to liberty, equality, and brotherhood, as an instrument to fulfil their own greed and ambition. To then, it is nothing but pages that mean nothing,” Priyanka claimed.

Priyanka was addressing a public gathering at Cheraman ground near Eriyad, Thrissur in support of Benny Behanan, the UDF candidate from Chalakudy Lok Sabha constituency of Kerala.

The Congress leader alleged further that the foundations of the country were on the verge of being destroyed under the NDA rule.

“The very foundation of our country stands on the threshold of destruction today. I know that some would say that this is not so. In fact, they say this is a new India, one that has given the country a new global identity. To them, I would say that if this true, we should all accept the will of the people (in the elections) and the new India, even if it rises from the ashes of the old,” the Congress leader said.

“Let’s not be in any illusion about this so-called new India, which is being sold to the people, and what it stands for,” the Congress leader added.

Alleging the policies in ‘new India’ were being framed for the benefit of the PM Modi’s industry ‘cronies’, Priyanka said this was happening at a time when thousands across the country were grappling with ‘unemployment’ and ‘poverty’.

“National assets that belong to us all, assets that were built with the blood, sweat and toil of our people are being handed over to the PM’s billionaire friends with impunity. Airports, ports, highways, vast tracts of public land, industrial establishments in key sectors such as cement, power and coal are virtually controlled by just a handful of businessmen close to the PM,” she said.

Accusing the BJP-led NDA of stifling voices of dissent, she said the government harasses, accuses, and imprisons those who dare speak against them and crushes those who stands up to protest their ways.

“In this new India, laws are pushed through, bypassing the time-honoured democratic conventions, and forced on people against their will. The farmers’ voices remain unheard, an entire state (Manipur) is locked down without internet for months, and Ladakhis go on strike to demanding their rights, but the government says nothing. They only speak about changing the Constitution. This is the new India that we are being forced to accept today,” she added.

On the Centre’s electoral bond scheme, which was struck down by the Supreme Court recently, Priyanka said that the government passed an ordinance enabling the scheme so that political donations could be accepted anonymously from companies.

“In the BJP’s ‘New India,’ corruption is institutionalised through electoral bonds. The government harasses and raids companies to extort donations out of them. When the court forced the government to disclose the list of donors and the quantum of donations, the PM and media lied to us that the whole scheme was devised to ensure transparency. However, it now turns out that many were forced into making big-money donations in exchange for business deals and contracts. The list is endless,” she said.

Asserting that the ensuing Lok Sabha elections weren’t a mere democratic exercise but a fight to protect the country’s soul, the Congress leader added, “This is fight between those who are trying to divide the people of India to fulfill their own greed and those who are urging them to unite and take the power back into their hands. The time has come for each one of you to awaken,” she added.

She claimed further that the country is being overrun by the “untamed ego, greed, and ruthless arrogance of the BJP”. (ANI)

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