PROFILE: Dr Abhinav Pandya

Asian Lite profiles Dr Abhinav Pandya, the author of new book Terror Financing in Kashmir which exposes the complex web of terror financing in Kashmir

Dr. Abhinav Pandya is a distinguished policy analyst with a robust background in counterterrorism, Indian foreign policy, and Afghanistan-Pakistan geopolitics. He holds a Doctoral degree from the Jindal School of International Affairs (OP Jindal Global University) and is a graduate of Cornell University in public affairs, with a bachelor’s degree from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

As the founder, Director, and CEO of Usanas Foundation, a prominent India-based security and foreign policy think tank, Dr. Pandya has been at the forefront of shaping discourse on international security. In his capacity as CEO, he curated two impactful international security and foreign policy conferences titled Maharana Pratap Annual Geopolitics Dialogue in 2022 and 2023.

Dr. Pandya’s influence extends globally, as evidenced by his extensive contributions to esteemed publications such as the National Interest (USA), Vivekananda International Foundation, Observer Research Foundation, Haaretz (Israel), and many others. His insightful articles have also found space in peer-reviewed journals like Perspectives on Terrorism, CLAWS Journal, and Strategic Analysis.

A prolific author, Dr. Pandya has penned the authoritative work “Radicalization in India: An Exploration” (Pentagon, 2019), offering a comprehensive examination of extremist undercurrents in the Indian Islamic landscape. The book delves into specific cases, including an in-depth analysis of the ecosystem of extremism and terrorism in Kashmir and the rise of homegrown suicide attackers. Dr. Pandya’s work has proven prescient, indirectly forecasting events such as Pulwama-styled suicide attacks.

Dr. Pandya’s commitment to knowledge dissemination extends beyond the written word. He has delivered lectures on geopolitics and security issues to diverse audiences, including NATO officers, US Congressional Staff members, and various institutions in India and globally. His expertise has been sought by renowned organizations like the Central Reserve Police Force, the Indian Army, and the Jerusalem Institute of Strategic Studies.

In times of critical importance, Dr. Pandya has played advisory roles, notably offering insights on security issues during the revocation of Kashmir’s special status (Article 370) and contributing to the International Labor Organisation, UN, as a member of the national-level specialist team on MGNREGS. His rich experience encompasses a deep understanding of conflict situations and intelligence dynamics in Kashmir.

Dr. Pandya’s latest contribution, “Terror Financing in Kashmir” (Routledge, Taylor and Francis 2023), promises to be a seminal work. This book meticulously analyzes the intricate web of terror financing in Kashmir, shedding light on the multifaceted financial system involving various actors. Drawing on interviews with confidential sources within terror networks and inputs from security agencies, the book provides a foundation for a robust counter-terrorism strategy in Kashmir.

Dr. Abhinav Pandya

With a remarkable track record of research, publication, and advisory roles, Dr. Abhinav Pandya stands as a thought leader in the fields of security studies, military and strategic studies, politics, and international relations. His work is invaluable for professionals and researchers seeking deeper insights into complex geopolitical issues, particularly those concerning South Asia.

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