An Indian Fashion Brand Committed to Size Inclusivity: Urbane Essence by Prerna Sinha

The brand Urbane-Essence goes a few steps beyond its literal meaning to perpetuate the spirit of the new-age India by redefining the new normal- The new age India that thrives on body inclusivity and debunking of societal norms and judgements. The new age India that confides in the freedom of dressing up. A feature by lifestyle columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International.

Saree, no doubt, is one of the oldest forms of clothing in India that dates back to the period of Indus Valley Civilization that flourished around 2800 BC in the Indian subcontinent. The six yards of pure elegance which used to be 8-9 yards in length back then was cordially embraced by the rich culture of ancient India and later became the quintessential clothing for women in the country. 

But this profound love for sarees saw a massive fall when its western counterparts were introduced in the country. Women would choose comfort over elegance. The sarees would sit hopelessly in the wardrobes of modern women collecting dust for years waiting for that once in a blue moon moment. 

Urbane Essence was started to celebrate the timelessness of this attire by making it mainstream once again, just like every other outfit in our wardrobes, because why not?!

Prerna graduated in history from one of the most prestigious colleges in India, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, and went over to attain an MBA in HR & Marketing. Post that, worked for over a decade in HR roles in top MNCs and some of the most agile organizations in India.

In 2017, when she found herself struggling “to balance motherhood and a very high-pressure job. Every day was getting worse, trying to play the role of a mother & an ambitious professional. I was not feeling satisfied in any role, as balancing both was not so easy. This phase changed me as a person and helped me transition from HR to entrepreneurship. I went on to launch my own brand Urbane Essence and since then it’s been a joyful ride!”

With this brand you can explore sarees from different corners of the country! Handpicked.

Urbane Essence offers you sophisticated yet affordable drapes, the sarees which have retained the classics of Harappan time with a blende into the trends. You get only one of each Urbane Essence sarees, you can’t find another because of its rarity. 

“We source Tussar sarees from towns like Bhagalpur in Bihar, Purulia in Bengal. Bengal Khadi, Kantha sarees and Balucheri are sourced from Bengal. We pick a lot of South silk from small towns in South India like Udupi, Mysore and more. Our forte lies in getting unique and animal designs (Zebra, Elephant, Squirrel, Fish and more) in Madhubani art form on sarees. Banarasi sarees from Benares in Uttar Pradesh and Chikankari work sarees from Lucknow are pretty much the most liked ones. We also source a lot of raw silk sarees from different parts of India, and Jaipuri cotton from parts of Rajasthan. Our aim is to bring different fabrics and designs from all over the country on one platform, and cater to both the Indian market and global.” said Prerna.

Drape an Urbane Essence saree and carry aspects of an era gone by and heritage with you as you express your new-age self. 


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