Noida’s First Desi Fine Dining Venue: Khatirdari Ek – Riwaz

Khatirdari Restaurant undoubtedly stands out as the Noida region’s First Desi Fine Dining venue. Khatirdari masterfully fuses tradition with a dash of elegance and modernity whilst tastefully showcasing India’s culinary heritage. This restaurant stands by its slogan “Riwazo ke desh mein Khatirdari ek Riwaz” (Hospitality as a tradition in the country of traditions), promising a memorable dining experience. A feature by FnB columnist Riccha Grrover for Asian Lite International newspaper.

With its extensive and eclectic menu of delectable Indian dishes, Khatirdari delights discerning diners with every offering. Every dish demonstrates the chefs’ culinary skills, from authentic biryanis to finger-licking kebabs and fragrant curries. The flavors are elevated to new heights by using freshest of ingredients and earthy spices. Khatirdari offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, so there is something for everyone. The food is exquisitely presented, elevating the overall appeal of the dining experience.

The moment visitors enter Khatirdari, they are met by a welcoming and warm ambiance. The restaurant’s interior decor is meant to be tribute to Indian aesthetics, combining traditional components but with some new-age contemporary accents. For private meetings and special events, the room seating configurations offer comfort and space. The decor’s attention to detail produces an aesthetically beautiful setting that envelops diners in the warmth of Indian hospitality.

A variety of handcrafted beverages are available at Khatirdari to enhance the dining experience. There is a drink for every taste, from traditional Indian beverages like lassi and masala chai to creative mocktails and specialty cocktails. The bartenders show their talent and ingenuity by creating distinctive concoctions that complement the flavors of the dishes. The well-stocked bar guarantees that customers may indulge in their favorite drinks or discover novel and interesting possibilities.

Khatirdari creates a compelling musical experience for its guests, which enhances the vibe. The complete dining experience is accentuated by live entertainment and background music score which creates a harmonic fusion of tastes and melodies. The music choices enhance the allure of the setting by reflecting the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

As the First Desi Fine Dining business in Delhi-NCR, the Khatirdari restaurant in Noida lives up to its reputation. 

Khatirdari provides a comprehensive bundle of culinary excellence and cultural immersion with its mouthwatering Indian food, welcoming atmosphere, cool beverages and captivating music. It is a sanctuary for anyone looking for a  unique eating experience. Khatirdari is a must-visit location, whether you’re commemorating a special event or just want to savor the outstanding cuisine and service. Highly Recommended. 


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