Henan province halts infra projects amid financial woes

The government has not been paying rent for land parcels that had been hired from individual citizens for public utilities….reports Asian Lite News

The Henan Provincial Government has temporarily suspended a number of infrastructure projects relating to railways, electricity and road etc., due to a serious financial crunch faced by it.

Henan is a province in Central China’s Yellow River Valley. The government has not been paying rent for land parcels that had been hired from individual citizens for public utilities.

The current financial hardship faced by the Henan government can be attributed to the sharp reduction in real estate sector valuations, a primary source of income for the government.

The local business community is, however, hopeful that the Central Government would provide adequate funds to the Provincial Governments and the economic situation would improve by May 2023.

Fox News recently reported that authorities in the Henan province of China are forcing people of faith to register on the ‘Smart Religion’ app for worship.

Henan is one of the most religious provinces in the largely secular country and home to one of China’s most vibrant Christian communities.

Religious members of the public in Henan must fill out a government form and verify their place of worship before gathering with fellow believers, according to Chinese human rights advocacy group ChinaAid.

“Applicants must fill in personal information, including name, phone number, ID number, permanent residence, occupation, and date of birth, before they can make a reservation,” the group reported.

“Those who are allowed into the church must also have their temperature taken and show a reservation code,” it added.

ChinaAid released their report on the new system on March 6.

The regulation system is required for all citizens seeking to worship, regardless of religion — citizens can select their affiliation with a church, Buddhist temple, mosque, and others.

Smart Religion was developed by the Henan Province Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission, reported Fox News. (ANI)

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